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The Moments In Between Here and There

My friends had just finished a soccer game in the gloaming, and we had been taking "team" photos in the fading light of this merry band of futbol players. While I think the posed shots were a ton of fun, I have to say that my heart is drawn to the candids in between the "formal" shots. To me, that's where my favorite stories are in photography--those moments in between people's awareness of the camera, those moments in between the subject's consciously exhibiting the persona that they want the camera to capture, those moments in between the awkwardness for those who are uncomfortable in front of a lens.

I love the light in this photo, that light in between day and night, that last glimmer of sun fading into the darkness. I love the chaos in this photo, everybody doing their own thing or trying to spell the letters AMC [for Allied Media Conference which was where we were at] before the photographers yell at everyone to get in position and to hold still. I love that I can still feel the love and joy and magic of this moment, even now..

And there's joy

And I love this...the exuberance, the energy...and mi chiquita in the middle of it all, feeling totally at home w/ mama's friends. And so this is what I read in between the lines, this is what I remember between here and there--that feeling of gratitude for community and friends who "get" my daughter and still love her, because it is a sign that they "get" me and love me too, and I love them back fiercely.

And so my heart melts, again and again, for there is no better way for you to show your love and friendship for me than by showing the same to my child, to treat her with respect, to let her sit in the lap of The Community, totally safe and free to be herself (even when that means her Ornery Self). And this is one reason that I take remember these moments that remind me of how much we are loved and how much I love in return.

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Reader Comments (1)

I have not glanced at this blog in a long time and am heartened to see you still posting such lovely shots and such grateful words.
Also, I noticed Cadence is reading Robot Dreams which is such a good book!

August 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJoye

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